Rodent Prevention Essex

Keeping rats away from your home or business can be a simple task of good house keeping removing or reducing harbourage. However, there is one tip we always recommend to prevent rats gaining access into your home or business. Always keep the ground floor toilet lid shut when not in use!

Mole Catcher In Essex

Essex & Herts Pest Control provide a traditional humane mole catching service restoring residential gardens and commercial premises throughout Essex. The professional bench for any mole catcher is all moles caught or no fee! Professional, Accredited Mole Catching Service Restoring Gardens & Commercial Land Throughout Essex. Wasp & Hornet Services Available too!

Wasp Nest Removal Essex

The 2018 wasp nest season is just around the corner. Whilst working in loft spaces over the last two weeks we have observed queen wasps around florescent light bulbs, a sure sign the wasp season is arriving soon. Essex Wasp Control protects homes and businesses throughout Essex & East Hertfordshire. Always happy to offer free

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